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Superpower Dogs 3D & Dogs Exhibition! | California Science Center

Superpower Dogs 3D captures our hearts!

We've been super excited here at Dasher Pet Care since the news arrived about the dog exhibit at the California Science Center. Luckily enough, our management team made it a company wide trip! The film goes into the lives of some amazing dogs that risk everything for us humans. You will find your self cheering and maybe even tearing up when you see just how brave these animals are!

We wont give away any spoilers here, but this movie in 3D, on an IMAX screen is an experience 100% worth having! Check out the trailer above to get just a sneak peak of all of the cool action that goes down with these doggos!

Dogs! A Science Tail Exhibition

Have you ever wondered what grass smells like to a dog? Or what a dog hears and sees? The Dogs! A Science Tail exhibit will answer those questions and many more that are pupper related!

Get into the mind of Fido for a little while and bring out your inner K-9! Great for kids of all ages, this exhibit is ideal for kids of all ages.

-The Dog Walker Blog

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