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4 Fun Facts You Didn't Know About Your Dog

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Think you know everything there is about your furry friend? Well, think again! Many people still believe old concepts about their dogs that are 100% wrong. We've compiled a small list of fun facts that you didn't know about your dog.

1. Your dog may be older Did you know that it's actually a myth that dogs age 7 years for every human year? Experts now think that many pups are middle-aged by the time they're two! They've learned that dogs age quickly, then gradually slow down over time.

2. They make you healthier Dogs are clinically proven to reduce anxiety and help with your overall mental wellbeing. Some studies have even proven that owning a dog will help your cardiovascular system and help you recover faster from certain ailments.

3. Your dog's cold wet nose For years, we thought that dog noses were wet and cold to help regulate their body temperature. Scientists now believe that the true function of your pups clammy schnoz is to act as an ultra-sensitive heat detector. A dog's nose can sense the heat of even a small animal from up to 5 feet away!

4. They are kind of colorblind Dogs can only see black and white right? False! This is a common myth that many people still believe. In reality, dogs can see various shades of blue and yellow. They can not see red or green all that well.

-The Dog Walker Blog

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