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5 Tips For Better Dog Walks

Harder than it looks

It's easy to get caught up in your day and forget that walking your dog is more than a daily chore. For many city pets, it's the only time they get to explore the outside world. Here are a few quick tips to make the most out of your walks:

1. Schedule enough time Having enough time set aside to walk your dog can be crucial to building good walking habits. Even for the smallest dogs, we recommend a minimum of 30 minutes per walk. Scheduling enough time will make your walks easier and more enjoyable.

2. Remember to lead It is important to keep in mind that you and your dog are a pack and that you are the leader of that pack. Remember to guide your dog during your walks. Your dog should not be ahead nor too far behind your walking pace. Practice and consistency are key to leading your pack.

3. Try using a short leash Many dogs like to wander or may stop too often. Walking with a short leash can quickly correct some of these bad habits. Remind your dog that you are walking together. Keep a short but relaxed leash and steer away from any known distractions.

4. Rewarding good behavior Keep a stash of special treats with you to reward good behavior. Developing a clear reward system should not be an overlooked step. Dogs strive on getting rewards from the pack leader. Be sure to be consistent and quick when giving your dog treats for good walking.

5. Finishing strong together Remember, the walk starts from when you leave the front door and ends only when you come back. After a successful walk, do not let your dog run around wildly once back at the house. Continue leading the walk and calmy take off the leash or harness.

-The Dog Walker Blog

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