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Pet Science | Dog Personalities Are Similar To Humans

New Study Shows

A new study done at Michigan State University has come up with some pretty interesting results! Scientists did a case study of over 1,600 dogs and found that dog personalities actually can change or mature as they get older. Just like us!

They admit that this area of study is relatively new, so there still is much work to be done. They were able to find several links between dogs personality, age, aggression, responsiveness to training, excitability, and even health conditions. All pointing to dog personalities having important outcomes on their life over time.

What To Do Now

Easy! Keeping loving your pet for who they are! Monitor their mood and keep them in good spirits. Remember not every "pet"sonality is the same, so there isn't a one solution fits all. Be creative and spontaneous with your pet! Switch up snacks and play times, go wild! Because lets face it, a dog is the one thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.

-The Dog Walker Blog

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