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Tesla Set To Release Newest Update: Dog Mode

Isn't it nice when you can go into a dog-friendly store or restaurant with your little buddy? Well as every city pet parent knows, that's not always the case. Sometimes those that do not understand the joy of having animals around, limit us with their "No Dogs Allowed" signs. So what happens from there? Many people decide to leave their dog in the car with the windows cracked. Not really the best option for Fido while he's waiting.

In comes Josh Atchley, one of many Tesla Model 3 owners, wondering why can't his car of the future do something about this. He takes to the faithful old internet and posts one of many comments asking Tesla founder, Elon Musk, a question:



Dog Mode

Elon Musk actually answered and said yes! In a MAJOR victory for city pups everywhere, Tesla has already announced that they will release this update sometime this week! Dog Mode is reported to do exactly as Josh requested. Tesla's will now have the option of being locked, music playing, the AC running at a comfortable temperature and a message on the display letting anyone know that you will be right back and your doggo is doing just fine. Dog Mode will immediately make all Tesla 3's safer for pets!

Josh credits the whole thing to his adorable dog Biscuit, who is now in the national spotlight! Hopefully, this will become a staple feature in all commercial vehicles and pets everywhere can avoid the dangerous conditions of a hot enclosed car.



The car company will also release Sentry Mode (the cars on-board cameras and sensors records when suspicious activity happens to or around the vehicle) along with Dog Mode sometime this week. We're hopeful that this becomes a trend that may just save lives!

-The Dog Walker Blog

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