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5 Common Pet Owner Mistakes, According To Vets

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We all simply adore our pets, but even the most diligent of pet owners can fall into making one of these mistakes. Take a look at what veterinarians say are 5 of the most common pitfalls for pet owners:

1. Socializing your pet early may be vital It can be easy to want to keep your pup all to yourself but allowing frequent and safe interaction with other dogs can help avoid problems in the future. Dogs are social creatures and require playtime with other pups for social development.

2. Face-first dog meetings could get tricky It can quickly turn out to be a dangerous situation if you allow your dog to meet another dog face-to-face for the first time. Avoid this by agreeing with the pet-owner first, then guide your dog toward the other's tail end for a proper doggo greeting.

3. Remember, smaller animals are NOT always easier Many people decide to get a pet smaller than a cat or dog. Do not be fooled into thinking that it will be easier to care for a smaller animal. Make sure to do all of your research before bringing home a small pet.

4. No cutting of matted fur on your pet's ear Pets with long hair and infrequent groomings can develop thick-matted fur on their ears. It even may be very hard to brush out. Do NOT try cutting the hair. If a bath and brush don't do the job - a trip to a pro groomer may next.

5. Regular trimming of your dog's nails Not trimming your dog nails can cause many issues for your pup as they grow. Spinal and paw pad issues can be easily averted by clipping or trimming your dog's nails whenever needed. Take the time to check your pet's paws for any swelling or bleeding if left with a nail trim for too long.

-The Dog Walker Blog

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