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Cool Pet Tech For 2019

We've complied a list of some pretty cool pet tech that might just change your pets year! The pet toy industry is booming now more than ever. With a continuing list of companies, products and apps popping out of Silicon Valley, it can be hard to focus on what will actually be a good buy. Our list focuses on functionality and usability. Take a read through and you might just find a perfect Spring gift for your furry one!

Hyper Pet - Hyper Fling

Playing fetch got major upgrade last year. The Hyper Fling extends to allow for a throw that might just go out of the park! It really can be a great little gadget and the price is unbeatable. It is reported to fling balls over 200 feet! Follow the instructions on the correct way to hyper-fling your buddy's favorite ball and you'll have hours fun.

General price: $8

Buy here:

Lumoleaf Interactive Treat Ball

This interactive treat ball is definitely cool! We really like the ability to change the difficulty setting. You can actually make this ball maze harder as your pet gets smarter! Its easy to use and not bad on price. Great for keeping an inquisitive pet busy. Its available on Amazon and has very positive user reviews.

General price: $15

Buy here:

The Trixie Activity Poker Box Level 2 For Dogs

We like to think that a smart pup is a happy pup! That's why we're putting the spotlight on Trixie's Poker Box Level 2. It is part of set of challenges designed to test your pups problem-solving abilities. Get the whole set for the ultimate doggy-challenge!

General price: $26

Buy here:

Outward Howard Puzzle Cube Ball Toy

We have seen the future.. and it is ruled by dogs! Maybe its because of this cute cube puzzle ball toy. It really may be perfect for keeping your dog entertained while your away! The outside is durable and the balls on the inside squeak! Generally made for medium size dogs, the design makes getting the balls out a good time.

General price: $13

Buy here:

BazooK-9 Tennis Ball Launcher Gun

Maybe your not the type to throw or even hyper-fling a ball around for hours. Maybe your the type of person the enjoys bazooka-ing tennis balls around the yard with your furry buddy. The BazooK-9 is one of our favorites. Not just because of the awesome bazooka-ness of it, but because it has a ball scooper as a nozzle!

General price: $35

Buy here:

Pebby - Remote Control Dog & Cat Companion Ball

Unveiled at CES 2018 (Consumer Electronic Show 2018), Pebby entertained crowds by showing off its 1080p wide-angle camera and WiFi connectivity. Pebby is a smartphone controllable ball that will allow you to view and interact with your pet in real time.

Its a little pricey, but new and cool technology usually is. The Pebby ball comes in different designs so you can pick the whole the fits your pet the best!

About $190

Buy here:

petWALK - Doors For Pets

Another CES 2018 fan favorite, petWALK is looking to keep you and your pets safer with their microchip activated pet door. This is by far our favorite on the list! The petWALK doors open automatically for your pet and your pet only. It comes in many different colors to compliment your home and style. Unfortunately, it seems the pricey petWALK doors are only available in Europe. We'll have to wait on this side of the pond to get our hands one.

About $1,600

Company website:

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