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6 Of The Best Dog Breeds For Kids

Every parent knows that one of the hardest things to teach your kid is responsibility. Pet parents know this too! Why not have them go through these lessons together? You should. Here's a short list of some of the breeds the American Kennel Club (AKC) recommends for helping to teach children responsibility and cooperation:

#1: Coated Wheaten Terrier

Whether its the silky Irish coat or the thick and full American coat, the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier is an ideal first pet! They are usually very energetic and playful. When training, a positive and even handed approach works best. Their soft coat should be groomed daily and they need plenty of exercise. You'll enjoy your time with these intelligent but head-strong Terriers!

#2: Beagle

Their even temperament, intelligence, playful disposition and hunting skills have made Beagles a very clear fan favorite and its not hard to see why! They are just so cute! Beagles are loyal, fun-loving dogs that like to be in packs so they enjoy company and are generally easy-going. The AKC recommends taking your Beagle out for daily 1-hour walks.

#3: Bull Terrier

Easily recognizable by their "shark-head-shape", the Bull Terrier is an exuberant and mischievous dog. Make sure to socialize them with people and other dogs while they're puppies. Many times, they can be independent and stubborn, and should be trained by an experienced dog owner. They are great dogs that'll teach patience and love your little ones!

#4: Boxer

Boxers are energetic, bright, courageous dogs that are keen to play and quick to protect. One of the most popular dogs in America, the Boxer has been known to be great with children because of these attributes. Never let these guys run loose on their own though! Put a Boxer in a fenced yard with plenty of space and you'll see them blossom into a very happy doggo.

#5: Weimaraner

These "gray ghosts" are beloved for their friendliness, obedience and beauty. They are strong dogs with a bunch of stamina and require dutiful training to control all of that energy! Playful and ready for games, your Weimaraner will need a moderately high protein diet and a good amount of exercise to stay healthy. They make for a great addition to a budding family!

#6: Beauceron

Strong, smart, spirited, all great words to describe the Beaucerons personality. They are large, muscular watchdogs but are very good with small children! These dogs love to be raised as part of the family but have no problem with sleeping outside. In many places they even work as search and rescue doggos! Athletic and loyal, Beaucerons require slow and gentle training to be at their best.

Before choosing to bring home any pet make sure to do your research and think about how this new addition will fit into your life. Growing up with a pet can be a very rewarding experience for all parties involved. Take the time, to have some time, and you'll be just fine! Good luck!

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