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LA Flash Flood Warnings: Walkers Deal With It In 3 Easy Steps!

The National Weather Service has issued Flash Flood Warnings for parts of Los Angeles County. Incoming weather over the next few days is predicted to drop over an inch of rain per hour in some areas. Just enough water to cause even more traffic on our way to work in the morning.

That means that dog walkers and pet sitters all over the great city of Los Angeles must brave these conditions with our clients. But like every dog walker knows, this can actually be a breeze! Taking a few preemptive steps can go a long way to making a wet walk, a great walk!

Step #1:

You've heard it before, drive safely! Unfortunately we all don't have self-driving Tesla's just yet, so we all should take a deep breathe and drive calmly.

Step #2:

Preparation. Make sure you have everything you need to have a successful visit on hand. Of course this is true for every visit but even more so on a rainy day!

Step #3:

Access the situation. Some pets can get anxious during thunderstorms and heavy weather. It is important to make sure that pets are comfortable before going outside.

And that's it! Simple enough really, most dogs will actually love taking a little trip outside in the rain! With proper preparation and a little bit of enthusiasm, it could end up being one of the funnest walks of the week.

-The Dog Walker Blog

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