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JustFoodForDogs - Beef & Potato (18oz)

100% of the ingredients in our Beef & Potato Recipe are approved for human consumption. This all natural canine recipe is simple, healthy, uncomplicated and completely balanced for “Maintenance.” This “Adult Life Stage” natural dog food recipe is ideal for feeding adult dogs. All of our healthy food for dogs is made by hand in small batches in our Southern California kitchens.


Recommended for dogs with suspected allergies to grain/gluten and especially active dogs.


• 100% USDA Certified Beef and Beef Liver
• No preservatives of any kind.
• No growth hormones.
• No BHA.
• No BHT.
• No LFBT. (you know this as “pink slime”)
• No artificial coloring.
• No artificial anything.
• All packaging BPA free.

JustFoodForDogs - Beef & Potato (18oz)

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