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Frequently Asked Questions

New to Dasher? You may have questions. No worries, we have answers!

What Is Dasher?

Dasher is a pet care service that offers memberships to busy pet owners. Dasher Pet Care Specialists "Dashers" are always insured, bonded, and experienced. We provide weekly pet care visits according to your schedule.

Why Should I Switch To Dasher?

We take out the guesswork and are dedicated to keeping your pets happy and healthy! At times it can be so hard to find consistent pet care. You can trust that our Dashers will be there and have passed our character test, background checks, and training. 


Our hassle-free monthly memberships cover all of the agreed-upon pets in your household! With Dasher rest easy, be active, go on vacation, or to work knowing that your pet's needs are taken care of. All of this at an affordable price and with great service!

Does Dasher Only Service Cats And Dogs?

Not just cats and dogs. During a visit, Dashers can agree to take care of most pets in your household!

What Is A Visit?​

A visit is the scheduled time a Dasher spends with your pet. You will receive GPS tracking, pictures, and notifications every time we visit. During the visit, we offer pet sitting, walking, check-ins, and delivery services as requested.

Can I Book On-Demand Visits​?​

Yes, we also offer on-demand visits for non-members. Rates are much lower for members. For a list of our rates, click here.

How Often Should I Book Visits For My Pet?

We recommend booking at least a 1-hour visit for every day you leave your pet alone for an extended period of time; many pets should be checked on daily.

Can I Meet My Dasher Before The First Visit?

Yes! Every new membership comes with a free in-home pet consultation. During the consultation, your Dasher will agree to the details of the visits according to your needs.

Will My Pet Have The Same Dasher Every Visit?

Of course, if that is what you prefer. Our membership plans offer flexible hours so that we accommodate your schedule, not the other way around!

When Are Dashers Available?

Our office hours are from 8 am - 6 pm, 7 days a week. Visits can be scheduled between the hours of 9 am - 7 pm, 7 days a week.

How Many Pets Are Allowed Per Visit?

With your Dasher Membership, all of your pets are covered! We try to limit most 30 minute walks to 3 dogs per Dasher, but exceptions can be made. Ask our Support Team about accommodating your pets.  

What If My Pet Has Special Needs?

No problem! We treat every pet as if it was our own. Dashers are experienced and can provide the assistance your pet requires.

What Happens To My Unused Membership Visits Each Month?

With Dasher, you only pay for the visits that you've used. Unused visits will be credited back to you on your next invoice.

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Our Membership Program Is Designed With Busy Pet Owners In Mind!


You will receive GPS tracking, pictures, and updates with every Dasher visit. Rest easy knowing that your Dasher will be visiting your pet on a set monthly routine. Customize your visits to fit your schedule!

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