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Let's Do This Together!

We understand that change can be hard.

That's why we've created our Dasher Coupons!

Now, you can slowly ease into your new Dasher experience!

Our limited-time coupons give you an amazing rate with our usual

one-of-a-kind service. Take a look!

Limited Time Offers

Try Dasher now with our Dasher Deals! New customers only. Limited one per household.

The GO Coupon


Total visits: 4

30 mins each

1 visit a week

The TREK Coupon


Total visits: 8

30 mins each

2 visits a week

The DASH Coupon


Total a visits: 12

30 mins each

3 visits a week


Dog Walking • Pet Sitting

Pet Transport • Meal Delivery

Designed With Busy Pet Owners In Mind


You'll receive GPS tracking, pictures, and updates with every Dasher visit. Relax knowing that your Dasher will be visiting your pet on a set monthly routine. Customize your visits to fit your schedule!

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